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Rooted in Love

Last Friday, in the 5/6 grade class, while reading aloud The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, a line of dialogue reached out and grabbed our attention. The main character, a twelve-year-old who has read both "grown-up" and children's books alike, scoffs at an adult who insinuates she's too young to understand love. Because she reads, she claims, she can simultaneously be twelve and know all about love. She says, "Every book ever written is about love, really, whether it knows it or not." 

Today, our class was able to begin discussing and unpacking this sentiment. While many disagreed at first, their back and forth quickly led them to a realization . . . They're not just talking about romantic love! And stories, at the end of the day, really are about looking for connection and meaning, losing love, and finding friendship. Because these kids hold meaningful connections in their own lives and have been immersed in the power of story, they were, collectively, able to come to this amazing conclusion.

Here's to watching them build stories--on the page, with their classmates, and beyond school--rooted in love!

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