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APOGEE – Georgia Private School Tax Credit


Through Hess Academy’s partnership with Apogee Scholarship Fund, you can REDIRECT, at no cost, Georgia income tax dollars to Hess Academy. This year, only $58 million of tax credits will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. There has been a dramatic jump in Georgia taxpayers taking advantage of this program as it has gained momentum and it is expected that the 2016 $58 million cap will be exhausted in just two weeks!

What is Apogee Scholarship Fund?


Apogee Scholarship Fund is a state registered SSO (Student Scholarship Organization) as well as a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary functions are to facilitate the process of distributing tax credits in exchange for contributions and to disburse those funds for private school tuition scholarships.


How does it work?


To participate in this program, you must pre-pay your taxes (or a portion of your taxes) through a contribution to Apogee Scholarship Fund. When you make a contribution to Apogee Scholarship Fund, you will receive a dollar- for-dollar GA tax credit which comes to you in the mail as a voucher for the amount of your contribution. This opportunity is open to anyone who has Georgia tax liability (i.e. grandparents, family, friends, etc).


Is there a limit of how much I can give each year?
  • Yes, the amount you give is limited by your tax filing status:

  • Individual Filer: Maximum of $1,000

  • Married Filing Jointly: Maximum of $2,500

  • Married Filing Separately: Maximum of $1,250

  • Individuals who receive pass-through income can contribute up to $10,000

  • C-Corportation: Up to 75% of GA tax liability

Who qualifies to receive the scholarship?
  • Parents or guardians interested in applying for ASA tuition assistance should contact the school. The state of Georgia has defined parameters as to whom is eligible to receive tuition assistance through this program:

  • Children eligible to enroll in a GA qualified (public) school Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade.

  • Students who are currently enrolled at GA public school. Apogee policy requires that a student must have attended at least 45 days of public school in order to be considered eligible.

  • Home School students, KIPP School students, Charter School students




Paper Process: Complete forms to pre-apply for 2016 (here) and then mail, fax, or email your completed and signed forms to Apogee.

Apogee Scholarship Fund
3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30339

Fax (404) 419-7101

For additional filing instructions, please visit or contact our ASF representative, John Panessa at (404) 419-7123 or at

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