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Readers... I NEED TO KNOW

As the 4/5 class began their reading workshop this year, Bobbie asked the students, what keeps you reading? We were impressed and inspired by the responses...

"I love learning about things like the characters, the action and the suspense, the problem and solution, and the moral of the story. That is the art that keeps me reading."

"Books are funny, interesting, and entertaining."

"The adventure and action in the book excite me to keep reading the book".

"Why do I keep reading?

I need to know what is happening in the story next.

I need to know more about the characters.

I need to know more about the world.

I need to know the work of the story and that the premise of the story is good."

"There are a lot of things that keep me reading: Characters, Cliff hangers, Exciting parts, Adventure, Unexpected challenges, Interesting parts, Good perspectives, Characters you can relate to, Plot, and Problems. Reading makes you think and rethink. Unexpected changes make you think about how you never would have thought about it that way."

"I keep reading for the exploration and the unknown."

"When I am reading, I know that I will always find a new topic, new characters, and a new plot. Whether the books are in the same genre or not, each book always has new potential for me. Once I get sucked into the book, I want to see what happens. When it is a graphic novel, I want to see how the illustrator draws and I like to see how they play out problems with pictures."

"I keep reading when the book has a cliffhanger or the book has a detailed problem not yet solved."

At Hess we hope to develop lifelong readers. Keeping the spark and passion of these young readers alive is critical to their success in the classroom and beyond. Please share with us some of the things that keep you reading!

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