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Managing education during a pandemic has forced everyone to think outside the box for ways to connect face to face. As educators we know that real time interactions and relationships are critical for learning. At Hess Academy we moved our classrooms outside to maintain safety above all else. While there are significant challenges (weather, setting up a classroom, protecting materials) there are also many gifts found in our new way of being. Some Hess teachers' reflections: "Learning material and experiences abound. We are discovering, observing, and engaging with the world to deepen our learning and expand our repertoire of experiences." Bobbie Williams "Being together in outdoor classrooms allows space for the important things: social connection, engagement, and belonging to a part of a community." Daniel Bass "It feels like the safest way to be together and learn. The time we have with students is precious." Lynitia Callahan "Elements of learning we value are woven into the daily experience: movement, hands on experiences, and real world application of learning." Ricci Horwedel "Being part of the discovery that accompanies learning is priceless: the moment when a child learns a new skill, makes a new connection, or experiences something for the first time, occurs naturally in the outdoor classrooms."

Kristen Hess

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