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At Hess Academy, outdoor classrooms are in full swing. Students are in small pods with one teacher each. This is a huge departure from the typical school day. How is it going? Here are a few reflections from the Middle School students:

"Recently due to COVID-19, we have had to try different ways of learning at Hess Academy. Even though it can be really loud outside and we have to wear masks, we are getting lots of fresh air and we can walk around. Plus it's good for our social life!"

"Outside, in nature, is the best place to learn! Seeing the other students is great too."

"The outdoor classrooms are really cool! I mean, you learn so much. The teachers are so fun - they make everything so easy to learn and they are so cheerful. When Daniel helps me with math, he talks to me in a way that makes it easy to listen to him."

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