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Nerds Incorporated

Weekly Update for Nerds Incorporated (4th/5th) with Adrian, Andre, and Bobbie


Happy FriYAY 4th and 5th grade parents. We had an awesome third week! We had our third science egg experiment, created elaborate windsocks and lanterns in tinkering, practiced making connections in reading, gained new vocabulary to our repertoire and refreshed our understanding of the Civil War!

Social Studies

This week, students continued their academic journey in and around the Civil War. They went into stations learning about interesting, inspiring, and important figures like Suzy King Taylor. Also, students were able to interact with maps of the country at the time and try some hardtack to tangibly connect to people of that time. The class finished the week watching and answering questions from a Crash Course episode by Clint Smith talking about Black Americans in the Civil War. Next week, students will finish the instructional video and learn more details surrounding the Civil War.


Students were so excited to learn more about physical and chemical changes this week. Ask them about their third science experiment, “Eggsperiment.” Additionally, students dove more into physical and chemical changes by reviewing a set of google slides on Physical and

Chemical Changes with slotted notes and answering a DUL, “Did You Learn.” Next week, students will continue to deepen their understanding of physical and chemical reactions by participating in a lab on Friday and an integrated science article on physical and chemical reactions.


Students continued to learn and grapple with the concept of wind and discussed how it is magical and what kind of power it has. This week they completed a journey on creating lanterns with wind socks and will enter a new journey next week in which they’ll make wind art.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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lynitia callahan
lynitia callahan
Sep 07, 2022

What a wonderful school!

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