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Lucky Witness

We're three months into this year, and firsts are still coming out of the woodwork. One student mentioned today that our read aloud is the first fantasy book she's ever liked; "now that I know I like fantasy, I'm going to read the entire Harry Potter series." Another apologized to a friend before explaining she hadn't meant to make them upset--a first, and something said friend greatly appreciated. Our class was recently completely independent during a reading session, working to further their understanding through an outlined assignment, while I conferenced with students. At the year's beginning, such an objective would have left some students feeling exasperated or helpless. I'm lucky to witness these kids navigating the world. To say, "Yes, ____ (insert student name here)! Do you realize that's the first time you've ____?!" I wish I could list them all.

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Semira Abdulnour
Semira Abdulnour

i miss all of you guys

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