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Lone Sliver of Light

"A teacher may be the lone sliver of light, for a child, on any given day or may be the shadow that silences a child's hope. Teacher possess a true super power, to life up or cast down. A teacher makes a difference, one way or another"

-Angela Adams

There are infinite pieces that play into a successful classroom. Undoubtedly, the most influential is the teacher. Many of you have had the honor to witness the work of a truly one-of-a-kind teacher, Ricci Horwedel. She creates magic in the classroom daily, connects with and invests deeply in each and every student in her care, and inspires those around her to be their own perfect selves. Here is her reflection on teaching and celebration of the growth and change teachers are fortunate to witness.


By Ricci Horwedel

They’ll show up

needing something, enter

this kind of communal space

needing something. And at first,

it’s not so easy to see.

His stack of words lacks commas.

Her hand is empty

too often.

That first day,

those first weeks,

I’m dusting away the layers,

looking past the silence,

the jut of a hip bone.

There isn’t enough of me.

But that first day,

those first weeks,

you don’t know

she’ll lace her fingers

with yours.

All ease.

He’ll point out an Oxford comma

and smile.

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