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Back to School Jitters!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Ask any teacher and they will tell you the beginning of a new school year is one of the most exciting times. Here at Hess Academy we feel exactly the same way. At the start of a new year anything is possible: New faces, new beginnings, new materials, and a fresh blank slate. Some of our faculty have shared their favorite things about the beginning of a new year:

“I love the first week back to school! It's so fun to see how former students have grown over the summer. Plus, we all get to have a fresh start, creating a community that we love.”

Daniel Bass

“The best parts of back to school are all the hugs, smiles, and dreams.”

Bobbie Williams

“To this this day, I still get nervous to go back to school! I adore checking in with my old students; they love to tell me how grown-up they are now that they are in Kindergarten! I love watching new friendships develop as the children settle into their new classrooms.”

Naomi Browning

Students and teachers alike have big feelings about the first day of school. One of our parents reported that when she asked her son, “How was the first day of school?” He said:

“You know that feeling you’re get when you are so happy you could cry? That’s how I feel about my first day of school.”

What an amazing way to start our 8th year at Hess Academy!

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