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"Mid-dle-school! Mid-dle-school!"

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Middle School is such a perfect name for middle school. If I were told that there was a commission for nationwide title submissions for the grades between elementary and high and a committee was appointed to boil down the entries in search of a name that was simple, public friendly, easy to spell, syllabically chantable (Mid-dle-school! Mid-dle-school!) devoid of possible copyright infringement, and most importantly, evocative of the emotion of being In Limbo, and Middle School was the out and out winner, I would believe that.”

Ani Baker, Handsome Vanilla

The middle school years are such an intriguing era--the in between. There's a marked desire for independence and a simultaneous wish to be held up above the water line, for the world to be easier. (Why can't you just do it for me?!)

In preparation for the Middle School Decades Dance student had the opportunity to go thrifting for the "perfect" ensemble for the event. During the thrifting outing, students seemed giddy to be out in the public sphere, choosing clothing, moving through a store solo, making decisions regarding price, and socializing outside a

well-structured activity. At the dance, they thrived on taking risks under flashing lights (to groove or not to groove?), pushing their shoulders back and proudly displaying their outfit for the night. They giggled in corners; they spun. They munched on piles of chicken nuggets.

These babes are not yet ready to be out on their own (as they often wish to be). But they do need space to explore under a nearby chaperone's eye. And it has been a privilege this week to be chaperone in place of solely teacher.

Written By Ricci Horwedel

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