The Integrated Curriculum at Hess Academy

Many private schools boast of providing students with an integrated curriculum, but few parents understand what this term really means. Have you been wondering what an effective integrated curriculum looks like in practice? Our latest Hess Academy feature film will explain it all! Watch this short video for an explanation of this term by one of our […]

Narrative Writing: A Student’s perspective

This week on the Hess Academy blog, we are pleased to present our featured student writer, Kara. We are so impressed with the piece she chose to share from our narrative unit, and the wise words she offers about the writing process. Watch her explain her writing process in the video below, and read her awesome […]

What to Watch This Summer by Alex M.

Wondering how to spend some lazy summer days? Read on to know what Hess Academy rising 5th grader, Alex M. recommends. Regular Show is on Cartoon Network. It is about a blue jay and a brown raccoon. The blue jay is Mortichi and the raccoon is Rigby. They work at the park and have a […]

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Give me…

Give Me Give me a person to help Give me warm sun after rain Give me peace to the world Give me hope And give me the future Give me love And give me a teacher to read my poem Written and illustrated by W.R. age 10 It is during the last few weeks of […]

Why Start a School?

I have been asked the question “Why did you start a school?” numerous times this year. Recently, after 17 years in the field of education, I found myself in a disappointing place: somewhere between the dreaming and the coming true. After graduating from Kenyon College with a degree in psychology, I had landed in a […]