Hands On Discovery in K-1

“Learning is so much more meaningful when your have the opportunity to discover things in a hands on way! Hunting for shapes in and around the school really pushed the Wolf Class to understand their geometric  concepts and properties more thoroughly.” -Jenna, K-1 Teacher We love the busy buzz of learning that radiates through the […]

Hess Marketplace 2017

Our students are working around the clock to get their businesses ready for prime time tomorrow. They surveyed their potential consumers, gathered materials, made promotional flyers, and even created commercials to entice buyers! Check out their commercials and get a taste of the amazing student-led businesses you can shop at TOMORROW from 9 AM to 12 […]

Introducing STEM!

We are SO excited to formally introduce STEM into our curriculum at Hess Academy. For those of you who don’t know, STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While STEM has been present in our science curriculum throughout the year, this will be the first year STEM learning gets its […]

Hands-on Learning at Hess Academy

Our latest Hess Academy film is here! This 2 minute video explains the basics of hands-on learning. After you watch it, you’ll understand why we consider this an integral part of our teaching and learning philosophy. Enjoy!


What is Writer’s Workshop anyway?

You’ve heard the term thrown around, maybe even seen some of the products in backpacks and take home folders. But what is Writer’s Workshop, really? And why are educators and kids so excited about it? Our resident expert, Bobbie Williams, explains all in this short 2 minute video. Check it out to see how the Writer’s […]

Schooled by Finland – What Can We Learn From the Best School System in the World?

I was browsing CNN the other day and found this interesting article that explains why Finland boasts one of the best education system in the world. In reading, math, and science, “Finland ranks third after Korea and Japan. In comparison, American students’ combined performance in reading, mathematics and science places the United States at 21st […]