Singapore Math

Hess Academy uses the Singapore Math Curriculum for math instruction across all grade levels. Teachers supplement the Singapore Curriculum with frequent Number Talks in each classroom.

Features of Singapore Math Curriculum:

  • Math is taught in stages of increasing complexity. Students move through a concrete, pictorial, and then abstract understanding of a concept or process. (Watch video above to see how the concrete supports the mental in young mathematicians).
  • It develops number-sense strategies through “part-whole” thinking, place value, and decomposing numbers into “friendly” numbers.
  • Teaches mental math strategies to increase fluency and flexibility in mathematical thinking.
  • Integrates problem solving across the curriculum to encourage students to use mathematical thinking in meaningful ways.

Number Talks are teacher facilitated and student-centrered conversations focusing on particular math problems, strategies, and solutions in a safe and open environment. The goals of Number Talks are to increase student mental math fluency, flexibility, and their ability to articulate and defend the thinking behind their solutions.