Language Arts

Hess Academy students utilize a workshop approach for reading and writing instruction.

Reading workshop includes:

  • High-interest, accessible texts selected by students
  • Explicit, direct instruction in the process and skills required to read
  • Meaningful conversations about texts
  • Individualized reading instruction based on students’ strengths and needs

Writing workshop includes:

  • Student selected content in writing
  • Publication of student writing including: Drafting, revising, editing, and publication
  • Teacher directed mini-lessons with explicit, direct instruction in the craft and skills of writing (using transitions within writing, organization, spelling, and craft, etc.)
  • Author studies to explore the techniques of master writers
  • Study of different type of writing: Narrative, Opinion, Information, Poetry.


Want to hear a student’s perspective? Watch the video below to see one of our student authors, Kara, explain her writing process.





If you would like to see some examples of student work, check out our blog  here.