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How hands on learning fosters your child’s growth…

Hess Academy’s cultivation of the whole child is rooted in our understanding of how students learn. Supportive relationships between students, teachers and families and opportunities for hands-on learning in and outside the classroom contribute to an environment that fosters growth.

Children learn best when:

  • They are moving, exploring, creating, relating, and interacting with each other and the world around them.
  • They are given ample space, time, and freedom to make choices about their own learning. We empower the children to trust their own inner voices. We believe that children who are encouraged to make their own choices become confident, well-grounded adults.
  • Their individual needs and interests are considered.
  • Their natural desire to learn and gain competence is encouraged.

Our beliefs about the learning environment:

  • Schools in which mutual trust and respect are nurtured create joyous and safe spaces for all.
  • A diversity of students, staff, and ideas maximizes learning for all.
  • Classrooms should be active, multi sensory, creative, social spaces.
  • The learning environment extends beyond the classroom to include the neighboring community.
  • Students thrive when offered authentic, meaningful, and challenging work.