A few thoughts on the role of relationships in learning and a student-made video tribute


These days it can be easy for kids to get lost in their world of technology, test scores, and extracurriculars. At Hess Academy, we believe that relationships are equally as important as these other aspects of life for developing young people. We make it a point to teach and practice human connection and relationships in our classrooms, and we believe this leads to more engaged and meaningful learning. You see it every day when you walk through our halls from the way the teachers make it a priority to connect with the students, but also the way the students then turn around and use these skills to build lifetime friendships and foster close emotional bonds with their peers. We are always overcome with emotion this time of year when we realize that our beloved 8th graders are moving on to new schools and communities, and we witness the friendships that have thrived here as they go their separate ways.  We could go on and on, but we believe this middle school student-made video tribute captures it best. Looking forward to our next adventures in the Fall!

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