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During the Middle School fiction unit we examined what it means to make well developed characters. Students explored how a character’s motivations and desires propel the story forward, and allow for the reader to connect to the character. After creating characters with desires and brainstorming on potential obstacles those characters might face, we brought  our characters to life using dialogue, action, and description. 
The result of this unit was a number of stories exploring themes connected to our conceptual lens of identity: belonging to a place, growth and adaptation, separation from family, and the blurring of the real world with an imagined virtual world. Here is one such story, written by one of our 7th grade students.



By Edmund

 Once upon a time, there was a city made of spores. Normal-sized cells swam around eating meat or plants that fall into their twelve feet deep pond. Some of them were carnivores, some of them were herbivores and some of them were omnivores. One day, a omnivorous cell named Sapphire wanted to see the surface of the world, but he had one problem: how can he get up there?

He asked his omnivorous sisters, Ruby and Emerald how he could get up to the surface. But they just said “Grow legs,” and swam off. Sapphire thought he would never grow a single limb because of his squid-like body. So he thought of a strategy. He ate and grew until he became the size of a football, until he could reach the cells with tube-like mouths. They swam around, sucking on grass or other cells that wander into them. Suddenly, the pond froze to ice. Sapphire flopped around on the ice, spitting poison and ice, which came from Sapphire’s mouth.

He was running out of breath because he didn’t have lungs, just gills. “I need to find water fast before I dry out!” he thought. His jaw slapped down on the ice and he felt a liquid in his throat. “Hey……. it’s water when melted.” Sapphire moved his body through the slippery ice while gnawing on chunks of it. Sapphire saw Ruby and Emerald doing the same thing he was doing but in a different way. Ruby pointed her tail at the ice and shot toxic acid at it while Emerald was using electricity from her sides. Then they stopped and made faces as if they were concentrating. Then their heads became big and bony. They suddenly grew legs and feet. Two limbs sprouted on the back of Ruby’s body and her tail grew longer. Emerald grew in the same way, but instead of a toxic spitter, there was another head. “Well,” they said, looking down at Sapphire.  “You’re the only one who didn’t grow into one of us in our species.” Sapphire frowned. He put his head down and said, “All my preparing to be a creature has failed.”  He felt silly about doing all this surface stuff. He thought it was unfair that his siblings could make it up to the surface and he could not.

He slithered away to a dark corner of the ice and suddenly got a piece of algae in his mouth. He swallowed it and a brain popped into his head. Then, two limbs appeared near his head and sprouted into two legs. His tail grew longer and the toxic spitter split in two. Sapphire gasped. “I can now go up to the surface and see what it looks like.” Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald dug with their new feet and a light shined into their eyes. The surface looked very beautiful with a lot of trees, flowers, and shrubs producing delicious fruit for herbivores and omnivores to eat.

“Wooooooow!” Ruby said.

“It’s so pretty!” Sapphire gasped.

“Hey guess what?” Emerald said.

“What?” Ruby asked. She was sitting on the ground.

Emerald stood up and when she did, ten eggs were on the ground near her feet. “We get to populate our species,” The three creatures, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald started to build a nest to put the eggs in so it could be protected from other creatures. Then the three creatures wandered off into their new world.


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