7 Ways to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Crash

It’s the spookiest time of year, especially for your child’s teeth and tummy! One of the most beloved parts of Halloween is setting out on a mission to amass as much candy as possible, but what to do with that bulging pillowcase of sugar and mountain of sweets once the thrill of the hunt is over? Here are some of the best alternatives to gorging on candy to save your child’s blood sugar levels and your sanity.


1) Freeze it. Why eat all the candy at once, especially with the next food-oriented holiday just around the corner? Get the leftovers out of sight and out of mind by letting your child pick out 20 pieces to eat this week and freezing the rest. Thaw them in small batches for treats throughout the rest of the year.

2) Play Switch Witch. Introduce this fun game to encourage children to exchange their Halloween candy for a non-edible gift! Lots of great Halloween themed toys and accessories are heavily discounted right after the holiday. Set a “price” in candy for the prize and allow children to surrender candy in return for the gift.

3) Bake with it. Getting bored with the candy selection? Search for fun creative recipes that call for candy in the ingredients. These make excellent gifts for neighbors and friends during the holidays.


4) Use it for counting and sorting. Younger children love to sort and count physical objects. Candy is a great hands-on manipulative that is rooted in kids’ interests.

5) Use it for art projects or to decorate gingerbread houses. Think outside the box for some alternatives to eating! Save some of your candy for gingerbread house season and save money on decorations later!


6) Candy Science. Kids love to ask and investigate their own questions, especially when the subject matter is one of their favorite things! Check out the experiments conducted by our Upper Elementary students to explore the Scientific nature of gummy bears in the video below.

Visit this website for even more cool ideas on how to use candy for science.

7) Send it overseas. While we are enjoying (and perhaps even sick of) the Halloween fanfare, let’s not forget the people spending this holiday far from home. Help a soldier overseas feel a little less homesick by packing up your candy and shipping it to our troops. Visit Operation Gratitude for details on how and where to send your candy donation.

Armed with these handy tips, we hope you can enter fearlessly into the trick-or-treating mayhem. Happy Halloween from your friends at Hess Academy!

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