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IMG_7834Ask any teacher and they will tell you the beginning of a new school year is one of the most exciting times. Here at Hess Academy we feel exactly the same way. At the start of a new year anything is possible: New faces, new beginnings, new materials, and a fresh blank slate. Some of our faculty have shared their favorite things about the beginning of a new year:IMG_7962

“I love to see our ‘veteran’ students leading, helping, and guiding the new students as they enter the new classroom.” Naomi Browning

“I love how excited the students are at the beginning of a new year. They come into the office with lots of IMG_7999exciting stories.” Tricia Dallas

“I love the energy humming through the halls and the classrooms, it truly is electric!”  Kristen Hess

And now, onto a reflection of our first week at Hess by our own Daniel Buckley.

“I definitely slept for fifteen hours yesterday between a nap and a full night’s rest. My theory is that you don’t fully understand how tired you are as a teacher during your week because it is full of amazing, life giving moments like the following:
IMG_73561. Hearing from parents that their children have been psyched to go to school every day.

2. Having students go out of their way to cross the language barrier to get to know a new English Language Learner.

3. Students coming up with better personal writing goals than you ever could have established for them.

4. The hundreds of little moments that show each student’s potential for becoming Engineers, Poets, IMG_8037Competitive Bicyclists, Storytellers, Mathletes, Athletes, Socially conscious activists, and just all around caring and sensitive individuals.”

We hope your back to school has been full of smiles and learning. We are so lucky to have talented, wonderful faculty, students, and families at Hess!

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