Chloe’s Corner: Monster in the Closet

Chloe’s Corner is the blog of Hess Academy 5th grader, Chloe. Her class has been studying poetry and she quickly discovered she has a knack for it. Below is her favorite poem that she has composed this year. Enjoy!



The Monster

by Chloe

Moonlight filters through the panes

Stillness everywhere

As the world falls asleep

Eerie silence fills the air

Although the sun has gone to bed

And the moon has risen

I still seem quite wide awake

Eyes like an open door

There’s a monster in my closet

I can hear it hiss and growl

There’s a monster in my closet

Midnight’s here it’s on the prowl

And I know that should I fall asleep

It will eat my soul alive

So if I stay awake ‘till dawn

I might just might survive


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