Why teach activist learning in democratic classrooms?

Activist learning is a way of framing students as active participants in a democratic society. Not only does it empower students to see themselves as members of a larger community with ideas and opinions that matter, it makes them connect to their own learning on a deeply meaningful level. Giving students a voice in their classroom communities leads to greater engagement in critical thinking and questioning about matters that impact them on a more global scale. Activist learning transforms students into passionate learners who understand and value civic responsibility. Need more proof that this style of teaching and learning works?  Check out this snippet from one of our 5th grader’s homework last week. 

 Of all the things you are learning in school, what do you think will be the most useful when you’re an adult?


“Rights. Rights of children, rights of women. When I grow up, I might just travel the world making things right. Maybe study more about why we didn’t agree to the UN. Also, wars, so I can stop wars today. The most important moment is now, right?”


This daily dose of inspiration is brought to you by the 4th-5th grade class at Hess Academy. If this doesn’t make you confident that our future world is in good hands, we don’t know what will!

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