Chloe’s Corner – Thoughts from a Hess Academy 5th grader

This installment of Chloe’s Corner features an original story by Chloe, inspired by a quick-write exercise called Think Outside the Box.



Once upon a time there was a fish. But no ordinary fish. This fish’s scales were like a rainbow: blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple. But this fish was selfish and mean and thought of himself as better than everyone else, every day teasing the other fish about their lame gray scales. One day though the fish was swimming around a reef when a tiny fish swam by.

“Cool scales, sir,” said the fish.

“Yes, I quite like it,” he said evilly, “much better than your lame gray ones.”

The little fish cried and swam away. The rainbow fish laughed and went to the entrance of the reef when an old fish blocked his way.

“Scram! You old shark food!” The fish stared at him menacingly.

“I saw that, what was the point of it?”

“That useless tadpole was in my way so I got him out.”

“You be mean again and your bright scales will turn as gray and boring as a pavement” said the old fish.

“Go away!” snapped the rainbow fish and went home laughing.

On his way home he pushed a fish out of the way. He looked at his scales, they seemed darker. “Stop worrying,” he said to himself, “that old fraud can’t change my scales.” The next morning the fish carried out his usual behaviors; gloating, teasing, insulting. And his scales turned darker and darker but he denied it all.

One day though… he woke up and he was completely gray! He swam as fast as he could until he found the old fish.

“Please, please give me back my color!” he cried.

“Will you never be mean to another fish again?”

“No, never!”

“Will you use your scales for good?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Okay,” the fish waved his fins, “poof.”

He looked at his scales. They were back to normal! Blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple.

“Yes, oh thank you, thank you!”

The fish swam home and was never mean to another fish ever again.

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