Narrative Writing: A Student’s perspective

This week on the Hess Academy blog, we are pleased to present our featured student writer, Kara. We are so impressed with the piece she chose to share from our narrative unit, and the wise words she offers about the writing process. Watch her explain her writing process in the video below, and read her awesome narrative piece!


Kara on Narrative Writing from Hess Academy on Vimeo.

It was almost like the machine was made to look threatening. It was who-knows-how-many feet tall, towering over the park. The Genie. It started by just spinning, lying flat. Then it started to lift up until it was completely upright, spinning all the while. Do I really want to do this? I stared up at the  monstrous machine above me, and shook a little. Yes. When it was my turn I walked across the metal grated surface. The operator/attendant led me to one of the places you were supposed to stand. It had two short walls to the side of where I was. The walls were made out of the same metal grating as the floor. There was a sort of rope hanging from the walls, maybe to catch me if I came out of the straps. I stepped in and strapped myself in, despite my stomach being a nervous wreck. It was a few more minutes of people filing in until the ride started. It started out by spinning slowly and then picking up the pace. After a little bit of this it started to rise up. It felt so strange. When it stopped I could see the theme park in a whirl of bright colors and happy sounds.

-By Kara, Grade 7.

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