What a week!

What a spectacular first week we have had here at Hess Academy! Many of us feel like we’ve been in school for weeks; that’s how smoothly the kids have transitioned into their school routines and how many wonderful memories we’ve already built together. Here are just a few of the highlights the teachers have shared about their favorite moments.

Naomi: “I loved when Brigid and Solomon met for the first time and discovered they both like trains. Solomon said ‘You like trains? I like trains too!’ Then he held out his hand and she took it and ran off into the playground. It was so sweet.”


Margo: “We were reading ‘If You Take a Mouse to School’ and the kids said ‘We want cookies in a lunchbox too!’ like in the story. It’s cool to see them making those connections. Next week we’ll make our own cookies and put them in our tin buckets for when we read the story again.”


Bobbie: “When we did the sing-along on the playground with the whole school. That really touched my heart.”


Rosie: “Teddy looked up at me and said ‘Miss Rosie?’ and I said ‘Yes?’ ‘You’re the best teacher ever.’ It was so sweet! I almost cried.”

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Megan: “I loved seeing how kind and welcoming every student was on the first day.”


Sherry: “The timer went off to signal the end of Number Talks and the kids all shouted ‘No!'”

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Katie: “The kids have blown me away in our class meetings! They are really showing ownership of their classroom and forming a strong community.”

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Shari: “Seeing the interaction between the kids and the teaches when they saw each other for the first time. It reminded me the importance of the relationships between students and teachers.”

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Ricci: “On the first day when I started to see their personalities and passions come out. Through their poems, the class norms, the letters they wrote to us, the games. It’s too hard to choose!”


Caleb: “I’ve enjoyed watching the kids in Morning Meeting. The way they have been solving conflicts and being so grown up.”


Kristen: “How smoothly everything has started! The teachers did such a great job structuring their rooms, the kids were able to immediately get started.”


Some of us had a hard time picking just one favorite moment! We are looking forward to the coming weeks filled with many more.

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