Chloe’s Corner – Thoughts from a Hess Academy 4th Grader

The Friendship Bridge

Think of friendship as a bridge, leading from one house to another. Every now and then a truck will come across the bridge. It will creek and lurch but it won’t break. One day perhaps a BIG truck will come—“Snap!” The bridge will break and the friends will start shouting at each other. Soon a workman will come along to fix the bridge, but he won’t just fix it he’ll add to it connecting it to his house. And that’s how friends are made.

chloe friendship bridge pic

Chloe is a 9 year old in fourth grade at Hess Academy. She has a big imagination. 


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  1. Wow!! Such a wonderful metaphor about friendship. I can relate to this from my own experiences. Thanks for the inspiring work, Chloe!

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