037It is official: the holidays are here. With that, people everywhere are looking forward to peaceful, relaxing, days filled with nothing but pleasantries, delicious food, and holiday cheer. Or… the reality of the holiday may bring overtired children and teens, days preparing food that goes uneaten, and many prayers that no one breaks Great-Aunt Sally’s china. How do we strike a balance between the vision of the holidays 028and the reality? Members of our staff have offered their best advice. Enjoy the season!

1. Keep the routine: Rosie Colt

As much as possible, keep everyday routines in tact (including meals and bedtimes). The routines keep everyone grounded, happy, and healthy.

2. Keep it simple: Margo Clements

Sometimes, and especially during the holidays, less is more. Keep in mind that this time is everyone’s vacation and make sure there is plenty of time for relaxation together as a family.

3. Focus on enjoying the moments in the midst of it all: Naomi Browning

Although this time of year is busy and can be stressful, there are some wonderful memories being created. This time will pass quickly so try to enjoy it.

0524. Live like a bear: Jenni Mallory

Eat good food and sleep. Repeat.

5. Just keep moving: Diane Henderson and Christian Zsilavetz021

Through the highs and lows of it all the experiences you share as a family will be the most important to your children. Prioritize…Go have fun, out and about. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even driving around looking at lights is fun too!

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