Community Accomplishments

102In our most recent faculty meeting the teachers generated a list of all of our communities’ halloween 023accomplishments in the first three months of school. We wanted to share the list with all those connected to Hess. Enjoy!

Developed supportive relationship with each and every student, Developing community with routines and rituals, 3 successful whole group meals, 400% growth, continuing accreditation, lots of laugher, Hopes and Fears conferences, Parent- Teacher conferences, School Pictures, Fall Picnic, first school wide field trip, Completed Clothing Drive, Launched 2nd Annual Fund, Created beautiful art, Completed formal assessment on all students, each student has experienced the writing process with 030culmination of sept 065published piece, student curiosity has been honored bysept 040 science experiences and experiments, linked all instruction to the Common Core Standards, Youngest students have developed an appreciation of the role of print all around them, young learners are energized by their growing competence and reading skills, older students are using literature to enrich their own experiences and gain knowledge about the world, enthusiastic teachers, meaningful application, individualized math 026instruction lifting some long standing math phobias and replacing these with confidence, Teachers have integrated authentic assessment into all instruction, Learning in the field halloween 134affords opportunities for meaningful connections between the classroom content and its real world application, all students have built a foundation for foreign language through French Instruction

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